Salt electrolysis

The process of salt electrolysis is achieved by adding salt (4 kg per cubic meter) to the water in the pool, which, when the water  passes through the opposite electrode system, is converted into sodium hypochlorite. This innovative technology greatly reduces the amount of medication used, eliminating skin and eye irritation. It is fully automated, and reduces  the constant care of monitoring and treatment of the water volume, as well as the risk of deterioration of its hygienic indicators.


The system consists of:

• UV control unit protected, waterproof box with easy-to-use tools.

• Electrode cell made of UV stabilized transparent plastic, allowing viewing of cells equipped with large surface titanium electrodes.

• Maximum working pressure: 3.6 psi / 2.5 bar

• Connections: 50 mm

This method of water pool maintenance is extremely beneficial in the long run and does not burden the environment. Also, the time you spend on water maintenance will decrease significantly.


      Advantages of the salt electrolysis system

• Automatic pool management: The system is capable of managing all components of your pool - filter pump, lighting, heating (optional), counterflow appliances, etc. Everything is centrally controlled by the screen of the electrolysis system.

• Mobile display: The display in combination with a wall mount can be installed anywhere in your property (optional).

• Upgrade capability: The system can be upgraded by adding Ph (acidity) and redox control modules. This can happen at any later stage, not immediately when purchasing the system.

• Remote control: With your smartphone or computer, you can monitor and manage your pool from anywhere in the world.

• The system works with both a low salt concentration (less than 3 grams / liter) and a high concentration. This allows the appliance to be used in seawater pools.

•  Always clean and soft water

• It does not irritate the eyes

• Saves the use of detergents

• Prevents the appearance of algae

• It does not need maintenance