About Us

The object of PolypoolsBg is production and installation of family pools, jacuzzis, water cascades and other fiberglass products. Our products are made in a world-class specimen of high-quality glass, resin, gelcoats and ceramics that are resistant to weathering and UV rays, guaranteeing durability, water resistance, perfectly smooth surface, easy to maintain and LONG LIFE!

In addition to the production of swimming pools, the company also provides transportation services, maintenance of facilities, construction and installation of filtration systems, etc.

We have twelve years of experience and customers across Bulgaria and neighboring countries.

Trust us! We have the right solution for your home, villa, hotel.


Why FiberGlass? Why?

Pools made of this material are made up of one module, which gives them exceptional strength and longer life.

  • Modular (molded and well-defined shapes and sizes)
  • Free Hand (made in a temporary mold with the size and shape of the customer)

The assumed durability of such articles is 50 years. Pumps, filters and other consumables are selected depending on the model, size and shape of the pool so that it can function flawlessly.


THE POOL CAN BE INSTALLED FOR A FEW DAYS WITHOUT turning your yard into a construction site!